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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Ten reasons...

The main reasons why the Games have been a tonic so far and why I am looking forward to Dublin's hosting of this life-affirming event:

1. It will bring me back to DCU, where I spent the happiest years of my strange existence so far.

2. There is the promise of absolute, heedless, ridiculous fun, regardless of our performances on the course, court or track.

3. I have noticed in these weeks as we await the start of the Games that the element of distraction is growing. Less time spent on moaning about dialysis, more time being constructive or excited about this coming week of participation. This is undoubtedly a good thing.

4. I look forward to days of healthy competition and celebration - for those who come first and those who may be chasing the pack but who are nonetheless defying odds and clocking up a victory by their very presence.

5. I look forward too to nights of team meetings and chatting with those from other countries who might not speak our language but who will understand where we have been and how we have been.

6. The Hungarians!

7. I have a mind that at some point we may be able to form some kind of delegation to speak to representatives from the organisers of the World Games next year and suggest other possible events, ie Dodgeball

8. A chance also perhaps to meet some volunteers and ask why our Games mean something to them - I know of some who are the family of organ donors who see this event as part of their ongoing, selfless contribution to our new lives.

9. Feeling like I am doing something in the most positive way possible to promote the carrying of a donor card and to help transform the debate in the public domain about organ donation from a murmur into an irrepresible, ongoing conversation

10. Coming away from it all on August 15 with memories to cherish and friends for life.

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