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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Recipe for a successful sunday

Take seventy members of Team Ireland, add one of our own atheletic legends, dozens of donated sandwiches, one remarkably patient photographer, three score and ten matching team kits and a number of butterflies native to the tummy area...and what do you get?

Team Ireland on its last formal get-together prior to our hosting of the 6th European Transplant & Dialysis Games.

There was inspiration in abundance up at the ALSAA, supplied in the growing camaraderie that is uniting the old hands on the team and the new batch of hopefuls and nicely complimented by the words of Eamonn Coughlan.

Those cyncial about motivational speaking and those who see it as being a bit David Brent would do well to sit and listen to Coughlan for a quarter of an hour. He made it sound easy, but then the greats always do.

He was happy to take questions and happy too to subject himself to the mandatory team photos. The pose of looking as though you are about to take off from starting blocks on a track is not one I've personally practiced in the mirror before. Nor have I ever seen them do it on America's Next Top Model. I'm sure we'll all look wonderful nonetheless.

A final note, I must apologise to the 13-14 year old whose tracksuit I stole. These are only words for the sake of it however, I am not even remotely sorry. I'm short and you have the prospect of further growth ahead of you. So don't talk to me about what's fair!


  1. Hi Regina
    Never mind Eamonn, your own previous post was even more inspirational! Not only are you a great writer but a motivational person as well. This evening, I will put on the tracksuit and follow your footsteps!
    I work in a pharmaceutical plant that manufacture immunosuppressants to prevent organ rejection.
    Colin White visited us recently and told us about the games. I then volunteered to get involved and just registered today.
    Only today I found this website and while searching for fellow mayo contestants, I came across your blog.
    Which event are you taking part in , volleyball? athletics? minimarathon?
    Either way, I will be supporting you, Liam and Darren and all the Irish team and wishing you the best of luck at the Games.
    All the best

  2. Maria - Fair play to you for volunteering and even more kudos to you for being involved with the manufacture of the magic pills that keep us all alive after transplant!
    I'm having a go at badminton (singles and doubles) and the 100m, 200m and 400m in track & field. I doubt I'll be weighed down with any medals at the end of the week, but I'll give it a shot anyway!
    Thanks again for posting and I hope you enjoy the volunteering ;)

  3. Well done to all the team, it gives me great hope for my little lad - although he's only 6, I know he's mad to join the team and put his new kidney to the test. Even before the transplant I took so much strength from reading about the games. It's the most amazingly tangible expression of the exceptional gift of organ donation. Long may you all continue to shine!

  4. AnnB - Thank you for that dose of added encouragement - it helps to be reminded why we put ourselves through this! I hope your little guy is doing well and we look forward to having him on the team in years to come ;)