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Sunday, May 30, 2010

By way of Introduction...

Where this blog will go, I have no idea, but the general direction in which we are headed has as its climax the 6th European Transplant & Dialysis Games.

I have been asked to record my experiences as I prepare for the event in Dublin and all I can promise is that it will be a true testament to how practice does not always make perfect in one who was born to walk rather than run.

Seriously, I have numerous scars to prove this.

My selection as Chief Games Blogger (a title I have bestowed on myself) is down to the fact that I am a newbie in every sense of this present context. New to being sick (it was discovered my kidneys were failing just two years ago), relatively new to dialysis (almost a year on that of the peritoneal variety now) and new to the Games.

The clever clock on the website tells us there are just 68 days left until the Games begin. That seems a frightfully short amount of time for me to become a contender.

But then, that's what they said about my great hero in life. Rocky Balboa.

So let's do this.