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Sunday, July 4, 2010

It hurts

I used to think sporting people who talked about their injuries were akin to parents who bored their childless friends with talk of babies. It seemed boastful, self-involved and really, really uninteresting.

But I now take those words and I eat them, having gained a new-found sympathy for this particular type of twinge. The hamstring in my left leg is strained or pulled or just sick of me trying to run him around the block, while the general area around my right hip is ripped apart with a piercing jolt every time I walk at any kind of speed.

So running and walking both result in pain, leaving me in a bit of a bind. I don't believe they have a category for athletes on crutches in the Games.

Before anyone gets into lecturing mode about the need to warm up and cool down, I am diligent when it comes to both (my stretches are legendary amongst those who have witnessed my pre-gazelle-like-motion preparations).

But obviously, I'm going wrong somewhere. I thought I had fairly mastered the art of walking at this stage, but as my family will testify, I did spend most of my childhood falling over so maybe it's an ongoing balance/mobility problem.

Whatever the reason, I need to fix it because I'm in danger of suffering frostbite from the ice packs that are now attached to my legs every evening.


Kudos to those people who continue to run even with years of this particular type of pain. They obviously do it for the love of the endorphines and not just for the hope of a medal and a lap of honour in front of a home crowd.

If any of those such sporty types are reading this, please feel free to suggest some remedies I could try.

And for the love of God, don't say Deep Heat.


  1. ice packs in their own every evening aren't a good idea, as they cause blood vessels to constrict. you need to use a hot water bottle as well on the muscle afterwards.. plus eating some steak is always helpful.

  2. Thank you anonymous - I'll try the hot water bottle, but not the steak. I like cows.

  3. I don't run all that much, but I do train every day in kick-boxing type martial arts and I have in my time been world-class-competitor fit, and here's bits of advice that might be usefull:
    streching; warm up a bit first, then do a wee bit of static stretching (touching toes and the like )followed by lots of dynamic stretching (leg swings, say two minutes of alternating left and right). then do your running.
    Go easy on the post-run stretching, because it doesn't help shift the lactic acid all that much.
    Here's the important stuff:
    Take a couple of minutes to lie on your back with your legs at 90% up-again-de-wall (I'm from Kildare originally). This really helps.
    The hot/cold shower. The first time I did it I screamed. at the end of your shower turn the water as hot as you can take it for 30 seconds, then as cold as bejaysus for 30 seconds. do this a few times, or until you cant takes it no more. This really really helps, there'll be no need for deep heat or ice packs or any of that shite. the water should cover your shoulders and head (no cheating)

  4. KFS - Jaysus, you're full of suggestions for my injury complaints. Thank you very much. I've actually improved a bit now thanks to a bit of rest, but I will take on board your stretching tips. I'm never sure what I'm really doing with stretches. I more or less just do them to look deadly. Cheers again