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Friday, June 18, 2010

Motivation problems


I have developed a serious case of 'avoision' (it is a word apparently). Not sure how it happened, but it started slowly - a reluctance to throw on the runners and do the funky gazelle up the street - and has developed into a monster. A giant, lazy, morbidly obese monster who insists I do a lot more sitting and a lot less moving.

I believe this same monster is a regular visitor to households of all modern children, but at least he brings them presents like an x box.

It hasn't been an entirely inactive fortnight. There was a game of badminton with the brother and when I was holidays last weekend, there was a good long walk on the beach in conditions I can only liken to a hurricane, which must have earned some kudos for my lung capacity.

But generally, it's been avoision. I have locked the runners in the wardrobe lest the sight of them make me feel guilty and I have grasped for solid excuses for my lack of effort.

There's work to do, I'm tired, I think I may have hurt my cruciate ligament (wherever that is), if I go out now I'll miss Home & Away, it looks like it may rain...

If anyone has any cures for avoision, you may let me know...

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